The main purpose of Spray and Fertilizer manager is

  • To provide accurate record keeping of all chemicals sprayed on the orchards.
  • The market demands traceability and Spray Manager provides all the information required by GLOBAL G.A.P. and Nature’s Choice.
  • It also stores the physical attributes of the orchards and cultivars on the farm together with various utilities to manage and analyze productivity.
  • The program was designed to provide easy access to multiple farms with multiple sections within multiple crop years.


  • Fast instruction creation
  • Prints instructions with all blocks and drivers
  • Warnings of any missing or invalid calibrations
  • Warnings with regard to withholding periods and growth phase
  • Orchard Block Details Leaf Analysis
  • Leaf and Soil Analysis can be saved
  • Orchard Production
  • Cultivar Pack outs
  • Orchard Fault Analysis
  • 5 year Projections

Spray Instructions:

After dividing your orchards into Spray Groups and assigning one or more tractor/s and spray cart/s to each group, creating a spray instruction is simple and quick. There are 4 simple steps to creating an instruction:

  1. Select a commodity, delivery, chemicals and spray type
  2. Select the orchards
  3. Select the Calibrations
  4. Save and print the instructions