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Request For Quotation

Please supply us with the following details for quotation. Please ensure the information is as accurate as possible so we can give you the best solution to suit your needs.

    Contact Information:

    1. Farm / Group Name:

    1-a. Address:

    1-b. Town:

    1-c. Province:

    2. Your Name & Surname:

    3. Contact Number:


    Farm Information:

    5. Number of farms:

    6. Please provide the name/s of your farm/s:

    7. Commodities being farmed on each farm/estate:

    8-a. How many team leaders do you have per farm?

    8-b. How many seasonal people per farm/estate in season?

    8-c. How many permanent workers do you have per farm?

    8-d. Any additional notes; For example, do you have a Clinic, Creche, Sawmill or anything else? :


    9. Which modules of the software are you interested in?


    10. We install racks for the purpose of charging and downloading of data. Each rack holds up to a maximum of 5 readers.
    FCS Racks
    How far from the nearest PC and power outlet would these racks be installed?

    Please supply photo/s of installation location if possible.

    You may upload as many photos as possible

    Connectivity on the Farm/s:

    11. Do you have internet connectivity on your farms/estates?


    12. Which Payroll are you currently using?

    Would you like us to interface your current payroll onto our Software?

    Are you interested in our specially written Crest Payroll?

    Do you currently use your payroll to calculate and reimburse ETI?

    If you answered yes for our Crest Payroll, would you like to use it for ETI as well?

    Do you want to pay employees salaries through Crest Payroll?

    Number of financial Companies. Each company would have its own Registration Number.

    GSM & WiFi:

    13. Would you like to receive information live out of the orchard via GSM? (cellphone network)?

    14. What is the preferred network coverage per farm?

    15-a. Do you want to download the data via available WiFi hotspots?

    15-b. Does your office have available WiFi connections?

    15-c. Is your farm/orchards covered by WiFi connections?

    General Information:

    16. Do you require scales for the measurement of Piecework picking weights?

    If you do, which type of scales?

    What is the maximum weight per weighing?

    17. What would be your expected/anticipated date of installation?



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