Hi Lourens

Hope my email finds you well?

Lourens, just a little back ground about myself: I originally come from JHB.
I used to work at the JSE for a Broker named PLJ Van Rensburg – which later became Thebe securities.
I was a part of the team that converted clients shares from paper to electronic!
That – my friend was a very scary and daunting task for all of us at that time, as you can well imagine, being the
only AFR broking firm on the JSE, we handled most AFR speaking clients, we had to convince our client base to
convert their life savings / investments to this unknown “electronic world”. Bear in mind, most of our clients were

RIGHT – enough of me. The point I’m trying to make is that we, at the JSE had this HUGE IT support team to help
us, because we too, were pretty stupid! We also had been doing everything by pen and pencil!
The technical support team we had, had to train and help us fix our blunders as well!
I worked with a lot of good people – kind people – people who understood our fear and our anxiety! Without that
support team I can guarantee you the brokers on the JSE would not be the businesses they are today.

Now to turn my direction to Farm Costing: Paul and Tim are probably THE BEST support guys I EVER worked with!
And I mean THE BEST! Both of them will always go our of their way to help fix a problem, they will ALWAYS help
me after hours if I need them. They will always be kind! Be supportive! And I think most importantly, they always
do it with a touch of humour, to lighten the mood! I mean I could not do the job I am doing now with out them!
There are some days when the anxiety is a bit too much to handle – but working with these guys I have learnt that
it’s not necessary to have those feeling of anxiety and fear, when both Tim and Paul are just a phone call away.

For that I just have to thank them. My knights!

God bless you all at Farm Costing!
Much love